Be A Champion With Tusker!

Written by on September 24, 2021

Where were you in 1922? I wasn’t even an idea 🤣 but that’s a special year for all of us, because that’s when the Legendary Tusker was officially launched. From being our folk’s go-to beer baada ya kazi, to carrying our country’s heritage, Tusker has evolved to be the largest African beer brand in the Diageo group. Even though the heart of the company is in Kenya, the whole world has grown to love Tusker not only because of the exquisite taste, but also for the fun brand that it has grown to be. For us, Tusker is not just a beer, it’s our nation’s pride. 

Thinking back to the first time I took a sip of Tusker Lager on a night out with my friends, the flavor took my taste buds by surprise because of its smooth and light feel on my tongue. Do you remember the first time you had yours?

Aside from the unforgettable taste, Tusker has been scoring some unforgettable goals when it comes to promoting Kenyan sports. This year,we saw the company take the initiative of being the official olympics sponsors of team Kenya where Team Kenya really represented us well. Besides that, they want every Kenyan to feel like a winner with their new promo called Cheers Our Champions. 

In case you didn’t know, there’s a new and exciting promotion going on. You stand a chance to win up to 80 million Kenyan shillings in prizes, among them cash, team Kenya replica jerseys, sports shoes, and amazing Kenyan holidays! 

Here’s how to participate in the cheers our champions promotion: Just buy any Tusker under the trademark (Tusker Lager 500ML, Tusker Cider 500ML, Tusker Malt 330ML & Tusker Lite 330ML) and send the code under the crown to 29844.

It’s your time to participate and win juu ushindi ni ya #KenyaMilele!

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