NRG Presenter, Charlie Karumi is Engaged

Written by on July 5, 2021

Surprise! Charlie Karumi  is engaged, and no, it didn’t happen last weekend, it actually took place a month ago.While hosting the NRG Breakfast Club today, the presenter announced the news to the public. It was a surprise to both his co-hosts and the NRG family as a whole

About a month ago Charlie Karumi got engaged  to his longtime love with whom they have been together for 2 Years 3 months. Although the two went to the same university, Charlie claims to have only met her online later on.

Charlie’s comment about his engagement is “We have been keeping the relationship away from social media on purpose” Backing his claim, is a picture of him with whom we suspect to be his partner.

Charlie explained the decision to keep it a secret came from both him and the fiance’s desire to keep the news private for a while. This makes sense considering the sudden media interest now that he has made an official announcement. It sounds like the proposal was as relaxed as the couple’s handling of this milestone, as he says he popped the question on Madaraka Day while they were hiking and later on had dinner with a few of their friends.

However, we can hold on to the hint that the presenter is currently doing an official introduction to his fiance’s parents this weekend which he will be accompanied by his dad and uncles. Afterwards he will do a Ruracio which is the official traditional wedding. No wedding date has been set.

While the Kenyan media is working through its collective freakout, which could not contrast more with Charlie’s totally chill mood, there’s no better activity than to reminisce on other celebrities who have enjoyed secret engagement. 

Everyone has their reasons for keeping the world guessing, and the choice to do so made these announcements all the more exciting.

Would you want your engagement to be private or would you break the internet with announcement?

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