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What is your power color? What is that color that brings out the boldness in you? We all have that one color but one thing we all need to know is that to get the perfect wardrobe. Its easy to wear black and step out, but today we learn how


Neutrals serve as an anchor for bolder shades, good thing they can be worn by anybody of any shade. Common neutrals are black, white, Grey, camel [did you even know that was a color?] and blush pink



These colors are bolder and more vibrant and help showcase your personality. Preferable they should be from one color family for the utmost versatility.


It important to understand that all colors are either warm or cold, two categories except true black and true white. Warm accommodate yellow while cools have blue and generally speaking an interrelated closet has one or the other and in special cases both. Warms tend to compliment and go with the warm and cool with cools with this your sure to match things much easily.



When choosing a color palette you have to consider a balance of a neutral and an accent color. You can also select colors that are universally applauding and create a balance of warms and cools. These colors are said to suit everyone. You can also choose colors to specifically flatter your skin tone and undertone. These colors act like makeup, they make your skin tone look brighter and even compliment your facial features such as teeth and eyes by making them appear whiter. This shouldn’t limit you from wearing the colors that you want.

This also applies for skin tones, People with golden undertone to their color tone go well with warm colors. Cools have a bluish under tone and go well with cool colors. Neutrals are hard to determine because they are neither warm or cold.



When choosing an accent color you have to know if it suit your undertone. This will determine if its a warm or a cool. He skin tone refers to the surface color of your skin. It Chace every now and due to a number of this like sun exposure, hormones, self tanner etc. its in four categories, so you can be:-

  • Fair- Very pale and burns easily.
  • Light- Generally pale.
  • Medium- Not light not dark just fair.
  • Dark- very deep completion and/or pigmentation.

Unlike the skin tone your undertone never changes. Its determined by the amount of blue, yellow, green or red in your skin. Even though skin has a combination of all this colors one dominates every skin and gives you your personal undertone. There are only four categories to undertones,

  • Cool- leans pink or red
  • Warm – leans yellow or golden
  • Neutral- a mixture of all these colors
  • Olive- leans green

You can determine your undertone by a few easy tests because I know some of you don’t your undertones, so here we go!

The first test you can try out is the metal test hold a piece of gold jewelry and a piece of silver jewelry up to your skin. If the gold jewelry makes your eyes shine, your teeth pop and your features soft, then you’re warm toned. If silver jewelry makes your eyes sparkle, your smile bright and your features dance, you’re cool toned. If both suit you, you’re likely neutral toned or potentially olive.

The second one you could try is the vein test. Look at the veins on your wrist in natural daylight. If your veins appear blue, you’re cool toned. If your veins appear green, you’re warm toned . If your veins are a little of both, you’re neutral or even olive.

The Vein Test

The third one you could try is the white towel test, wrap your hair and body in a pure white towel leaving face, neck and shoulders bare. If your skin appears yellow you are warm, If grey or ashen you are neutral, If bluish you are cool.


Now that we know our undertones the find what colors go well with it. Most of the time cools go with cools, warms with warms and so on but that doesn’t mean you cant wear other colors

  • COOLS AND BLUES– If your cool you should try blue based accent colors
  • VERY FAIR AND COOL– You should try white with jewelry that compliments your undertone
  • COOL AND BLACK- Enjoy the accent black brings to you wear it with sparkling jewelry or metallic accessories to brighten up the look
cool palette
  • WARM YELLOW– Yellow mellow is the way if you have a warm tone it compliments your skin by adding a bright sparkle
  • WARM AND NEUTRAL– Colors like cream cappuccino and mushroom grey go well with this tone over the cooler versions of these colors.
  • BLACK BUT AWAY- Try wearing black but away from your face like in pants or hand jewelry also try matching it with cream and colors that lean towards yellow other than pure white.
warm palette
  • NEUTRAL MUTUAL– It’s very easy for this tone, you can easily wear any color under the sun. Even though, its good to avoid saturated colors especially if you your of a lower contrast. Colors like pale blue, off white and mid-raged greys are proper for this tone.
neutral pallette

I bet now you can wear and look rare with these tips.

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