Content Creation During Covid-19 Era

Written by on June 2, 2021

Almost a year ago now, the pandemic outbreak disrupted the worldwide entertainment industry – and in particular, film and television production. Similar to the rest of the world, Kenya entertainment was highly affected in film, television, radio and print.Losses were made.Therefore, content creation  emerged to be the new source of income for most Kenyans.The Covid-19 brought forth creativity on another level, 60% of the business have migrated online since then.

Let us look at ways you can improve your content creation

  1. The right equipment/Gear

Being a content creator means that you will have to invest in quality equipment like a good camera, light, and other complementary items to make your work possible. It is also okay to start with what you have

Content Strategy and Format

What form are you using to put out your content? There are different ways to put out content, e.g., writing blogs, videos, SlideShare, graphics, ebook, whitepaper, podcast, or whatever your creative mind can conceive. As long as it serves your persona, you’ll be in good shape

Social Media

Choosing the channel to put out your content is very crucial. Now that you have already chosen your content strategy, it is important to present it to the right audience. The platform you use will determine your viewership, growth, and engagement. Therefore, minimize your work into two outlets. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat are all great mediums to create and share relevant content. The key is modifying that content to fit the platform. 

Having the above in mind should get you started. However, you should know that executing every step of your plan will need patience. Have an incredible content creation journey!

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