Covid19 Breeding Entrepreneurs

Written by on July 27, 2020

Due to the pandemic that has disrupted all our lives, it has also disrupted business and the economy at large. With people forced to stay home for their safety, there has been pay cuts and laying off of employees.

Majority of people in Africa work minimum wage jobs that earn them exactly what is needed for their daily bread. With little to no construction site to go work for, it’s resulted to almost everybody being creative on how they will earn money.

A person who was used to working for a company on an 8-5 basis now laid off and stuck in the house with bills piling up, will have to think quick on how those bills will get paid. Most people are hosting seminars, classes and talks on their social media platforms and charging for their expertise.

With everyone online, people are also selling products such as food supplies, masks, beauty products and house supplies to earn some change.

Quarantining has come a break to the whole world. Most people are using this time to self-reflect and pick up new or old skills they had let go off in the hopes of growing a business from it.

In hindsight, when we look closely we can see the COVID19 has played a huge role in breeding entrepreneurship.

For Africa as a continent this means so much more; Citizens enlightened on how to use all their skills especially virtually from the comfort of their homes means that when we win the COVID19 fight, job opportunities will be endless.

This is great news for a continent that suffers immensely from lack of jobs.

What new businesses have you started during this pandemic?


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