Written by on June 16, 2022

Father’s Day is around the corner and it can be very difficult for someone whose father has passed away. Their absence in their life is irreplaceable.

Losing a father is a weight you will carry forever. At the age of 15 I lost my dad to a road accident, even though I knew that many things will have to change, from waking up to his good morning greetings to not having someone to give me driving lessons, I still couldn’t let go of him yet.

Let’s do it a little bit different, I asked a few people who have lost their to dads to send them a special message during this father’s day;

“Happy Father’s Day to you dad. There are so many things you have taught me and these are the things that keep me guided in your absence.”

“I missed my chances to tell you what you meant to me when you were by my side but I will never miss a chance to wish you Happy Father’s Day.”

“A very Happy Father’s Day to you dad. I may have lost you physically but I will always have an emotional connection with you because we are bonded for life.”

“Some relationships never die, even when the person leaves and one such relationship is what I have with you. Wishing you Happy Father’s Day dad.”

“To the dad who has always inspired me and who continues to motivate me with things he has taught me, I wish you a very Happy Father’s Day.”

Remember you don’t have to be sad or feel lonely on this special day, share your father’s love with your family, mother, siblings or extended relatives.Cook his favorite meal, visit his favorite place or better yet do the most activity he enjoyed doing.

There’s no right or wrong way to celebrate Father’s Day after your Dad passes. Do what feels right to you.

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