Written by on January 12, 2021

The other day as I was having a friend over, she had a broken tooth. My first question was, ” Why haven’t you had that fixed by your dentist?” Funny enough she doesn’t have a dentist, neither has she ever had her teeth checked out.

Well, she’s not the only one, right? Most people think that as long as their teeth don’t hurt they are good to go, and they also forget that teeth are important part of their face. Did you know that the teeth help keep your face is shape? No? Now you know.

I was talking to Dr. Mundia ( A dentist at Kenyatta National Hospital) about how often one should one get a dental check-up and he said, ” When you book an appointment with your dentist they make sure to give you your next appointment.” Not to mean that everyone is going to need a regular check-up, that is if you really need to see the doctor again.

He also happened to mention that most of his patients come to see him when the matter has gotten out of hand. ” If we treated many cases as early as a patient would notice something, we could reduce the cases of patients loosing their teeth.” Dr. Mundia.

In as much as we don’t think there’s nothing wrong let’s make it a habit to visit a dentist. It’s all about oral hygiene.

Let’s smile our way to the dentist as we have healthy teeth!!

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