Dress warm and stylish in the cold weather

Written by on August 25, 2020

Nairobi has been really cold lately and the forecast predicts that it’s only going to get colder. As cold as it gets, life has to go on. This means that we still have to go to work, events and hang outs thus we also need to dress the part.

Here are a few tricks to ensure that you’re warm throughout the day;

Add vaseline or any other petroleum jelly to your lotion; when you add vaseline to your lotion it adds an extra covering of warmth on your body.

Wear hats and marvins; If you’re bald, the cold weather is definitely not your friend. Cover your head with a marvin or wear a hat to keep yourself warm.

Layer up; No cooler way to dress up in this weather than to layer your clothes. Layering gives you style and keeps the flu away.

Double up on socks; wear two pairs of socks or warms socks because cold feet can be very uncomfortable and can make you sick due to the cold exposure.

Add scarves to your outfits; Invest in colorful and stylish scarves that can be implemented to your looks and outfits.

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