Do you ever think of what drugs do to relationships? Or do you only have a good time with your partner only when you are high or drunk? Do you only get along when you are well and you find it tough when you guys are sober?

Such couples tend to ignore the real stuff that is happening in their relationship. Such as, Little white lies that seem harmless start turning into bigger deceptions, sometimes leading a person to live a double life.

Trust is the most important thing in a relationship and it doesn’t happen often, especially between partners who are addicts and are trying to escape reality on the ground. If a relationship is founded around jealousy then this relationship is not working or it might be the kinda relationship that you might need to end.

An incredibly traumatic effect that drugs can have on relationships is displaced anger and growing resentment in a relationship that can bubble up and explode in violent ways, leading to potentially fatal consequences. 

Such situations are unfortunate and are not always dealt with properly, causing many couples to suffer in silence due to shame and fear. Most of these relationships are often the most toxic and exist in all kinds of relationships from familial to romantic and even close friendship.

It’s crucial for couples in a relationship to maintain a sober environment or seek treatment and counseling for healthy relationships to exist.

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