Written by on June 15, 2021

After a week of silence and claiming that she was under the influence of alcohol, Elodie has gone to her Instagram page to say, “Apologies, NOT for the truth I spoke, but for the fact that I went public and it was misinterpreted by a nation I call home. I made my second post because ‘going public’ under the influence of ‘a few drinks’ was wrong. I should have done it in a sober mindset because it’s something real to me and us as women and men.”

This comes after she went public to say that Nvirii has been abusing her mentally and physically. As always there are two sides to a story and on this Nvirii decided to keep quiet and not comment about the accusation made by Elodie Zone while on a trip to the coast. Nvirii’s fans went ahead to defend him and advised him to keep off her because she might destroy a career which he has built from scratch.

She continued by saying, “It breaks my heart that no one (especially my fellow queens) couldn’t see through my second post. It’s not about ‘blaming the man’ if she/he lied. It’s important to learn the truth- which in this past week I’ve noticed can’t always come from ‘credible’ bloggers/media houses because you’ve known such names for generations. My name has been trashed all in the name of temporary comments and views.”

Once again the fans are very conflicted about the whole situation, one of her fans said, “It’s high time she stops making us sympathize with her after she messes up. She should own up to her mistakes and clean her mess respectfully. Maybe she does not know but she is toxic to us too, we who are her mental mentees, One minute she is messed up, the next she goes to tell us how depressed so that we feel sorry for her.”

Honestly, Elodie Zone needs to stay off social media and deal with her issues privately. Social media can be a place where you get to shine or it can be your downfall too. If she is really going through some mental health problems, let her visit a doctor and heal first rather than having to always defend herself in public.

Let’s learn to help others and not put them down, maybe all they needed was a shoulder to lean on.

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