Written by on January 4, 2021

Don’t you just want to wake up, put on some blush look nice and run off to do your errands? I know sometimes you just use too much product because you feel like, my eyes need more eyeliner, let me use a little bit more foundation.

This happens most of the time, now imagine a simple make-up look which leaves you looking nice and glamoured up.You’ll need to prepare your skin for make-up first by cleansing and applying moisturizer, depending on your skin tone.

If you have a oily skin you can lightly cleanse or moisturizing your skin before priming it. As for dry skin, cleanse your face heavily before applying primer.

Prime your face.

  • This helps seal the pores on your face.
  • Soften the skin .
  • Acts as a smoother for make-up.
  • Helps not irritate your skin.
  • Make up stay on longer.
  • Lessens acne appearance.


Find the most suitable eyebrow shape for your face shape.Comb your eyebrows up to give them volume then  the shape that is suitable for you. Shade in your eyebrows with light strokes at the beginning, then darker strokes towards the end. Wipe off the overdraw with concealer a shade lighter than your skin tone.


Half the work of foundation is getting the right shade. As you purchase it make sure it’s original ( You don’t want to look ‘cakey’ ) and it’s the right shade by testing it on your neck. The other part of it is blending , make sure your beauty-blender is a bit dump and dab the foundation in don’t apply it.


Eyeliner helps your eyes look bigger. There are various types of eyeliner;

  • Pencil liner- Make sure it’s sharp enough before you begin.
  • Liquid liner- Creates smooth, swooping lines and a precise look. When using this shake it before, then  start drawing from the middle.
  • Gel liner- If you want to draw dramatic lines.


The trick with the lipstick is knowing how to merge it with your eyes. If you’re eye-shadow color is bold then do a subtle lipstick, nude lipstick or clear lip-gloss.  You don’t have to use a very visible lipstick, remember we’re going for a simple make-up look which isn’t too extra.

I hope the details l shared with you got to be of help. Remember to always spray your face with setting spray which helps your make-up come to live and last longer.

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