Written by on September 13, 2021

There’s nothing more intriguing than a person who knows they have an aura of positivity, a dashing personality and definitely a unique sense of taste in life. That’s what we’re celebrating this September on NRG; Sexiness’! September is known for many things such as;  “take a man out September” for the ladies,  the month ‘the legends are born’ and now we are rebranding it as #NRGSexySeptember!

But there’s something about this month that brings out the beauty in all of us, which might be heightened by the fact that the sun is out and we’re no longer covering ourselves up in jackets, leg warmers and gloves to keep the cold at bay. 

There’s so many ways to look and feel sexy this month and just to talk about a few, 

1. Do something unusual 

This is as simple as wearing that outfit you’ve been saving for when you get that perfect body or for that special occasion. It doesn’t have to wait no more, you’re beautiful just the way you are and what you need to do instead of beating yourself down for adding extra pounds is to take a step back and appreciate all that you’ve got and embrace it wholly. 

2. Buy nice cologne. 

There’s nothing life changing like smelling good. Heck, even a boring day gets some bit of color just from that attractive scent. Don’t be shy to spoil yourself with an Ambre Nuit or Montblanc, whatever your poison is because I promise you, it is totally worth it. 

3. Have a total makeover. 

It’s time for a new look! A new hairstyle, a wardrobe rebrand or a total makeup makeover. It’s time for a new look! Allow some excitement into your life, look fresh and different every now and then. Red lipstick looks absolutely amazing on your friend and ON YOU TOO!!! Steal the limelight this month because it’s totally allowed! 

4. Build your confidence. 

Like I said, there’s nothing intriguing like a person who is fully aware of their qualities. Looking gorgeous is totally pointless if you’re timid and unable to get out of your shell. Learn to show the world what you’re all about and be proud of it. Reading books, attending classes and changing your circle if you have  Holding your head high attracts nothing but good vibes your way. Be bold, it’s sexy af darling. 

5. Compliments. 

Don’t be so hard on yourself. Accept those beautiful words that people are telling you and go further and see it in your own self. Don’t shy away from having all those qualities. Take all of that in and feel attractive about yourself because you’re nothing short of sexy and NRG wants to celebrate you this September.

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