Must-Haves In Your HandBag

Written by on August 19, 2020

Every lady carries a handbag when they leave the house but what’s the point of carrying a handbag around the whole day when it doesn’t have the essential needs to help you throughout the day?

Here’s a list of key things to always have in your handbag that will ensure your well equipped everyday.

Makeup bag; having a makeup with makeup that will aid you retouch your look throughout the day or change up your look incase you get new plans is key to looking fresh and building your confidence in how you look. A compact mirror; is also good to have in order to confirm that you indeed look as you feel.

lipgloss/lipbalm; Fresh lips, clean lips and well kept lips are bound to make a great impression as you talk to people. It’s said that other people look at your lips the most when they’re observing your face. Give them something good to look at.

Wet wipes/ sanitizer/pocket tissue; We’re living in a global pandemic with Covid19 thus our hygiene is key. A sanitizer/wet-wipe per 10 minutes keeps coronavirus away.

An Extra face mask; A mask is now an essential item to have on when you leave the house thus it’s wise to have an extra mask in your handbag just in case you lose or spoil the one that you had on.

Travel size deodorant/body spray; Walking around all day is bound to make you sweat thus you can use deo or body spray to refresh your scent and build your confidence throughout the day.

Hand cream or lotion; Dry hands are so uncomfortable especially in the cold weather. Invest in a hand cream or lotion that you feel lathers your hands mostly after sanitizing your hands frequently. One that smells good is a plus.

Pads/tampons; You may not be on your lady ladies but carrying a pad or tampon gives you comfort that you’re ready for any emergency. It’s also good to be your sister’s keeper and be ready to help a friend or stranger in need during their emergency.

Mint/ chewing gum; On a daily you will eat food and drinks will different flavours. This may leave a funny taste or smell in your mouth and this is where mint/ chewing gum in your handbag comes in handy. Chewing gum also keeps you active on a slow day when you’re feeling sleepy.

Charger/power bank/ headphones; We’re living in a world where everything in on our phones thus we need to have our phones on amd working at all times. Having a charger and powerbank ensures that is possible. Headphones are also important for those boring moments and long walks.

Band aid/ painkillers; Accidents and bad days happen so let’s be ready for them. Having painkillers for those bad days and band aids to cover those wounds as you enjoy your day.

Travel size manicure set; Good nails are a must whether long or short. Having a travel size manicure will help you cut broken nails or file a nail that may need some sprucing up throughout the day.

pen/notebook; A pen and notebook will never go out of style. Having these in your handbag will make you ready to take those important notes and write down random thoughts and reminders.

Cash; Yes we’re in a pandemic and avoiding cash transactions but having lose money in your bag will come in handy in an emergency or to help someone throughout your day. The needy will always be with us and sometimes you don’t have time to do an mpesa or bank transaction

Small snack and water; Long days could having you skipping meals but with water and a snack in your bag will keep your energy up and make you a joy to be around.

Enjoy your stress free day!



















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