Written by on April 12, 2021

When you think about phones what do you look for before buying one? There are many features to consider while choosing a perfect phone that will last you long time.

I personally go for the;

  • Camera, my phone has to take the best selfies ever without having to use filters and great videos too
  • Storage- enough space is goals for me I want to download books and my documents without having to worry about space.
  • How it feels when l touch, honestly these days we spend most of our time on our phones, I will definitely get myself that smooth, easy to hold
  • Slender and not heavy phone.
  • A sky blue one, because that’s my favorite color.

Now, you might be wondering how you get all these features in one phone. Well, have you heard about the latest A52 SAMSUNG? This phone was released on March 19, 2021 and the features got me mind-blown. It’s the thickness which is 8.4mm and its weighs 189g for me, meaning it is not that heavy to carry around.

Cameras at the back have a 64mp primary lens joined by a 12mp wide angle module and a 5mp Marco as well as 5mp portrait lenses here is to incredible pictures on my instagram feed. It has a storage of 128GB/256GB more and more space.

Fun fact; Did you know that A52 Samsung Galaxy is water proof?

In case you are wondering about the color, did I tell you there are varieties of colors as Charlie Karumi says it ‘A’ for Awesome Black, Awesome White, Awesome Violet, Awesome Blue.

Go get yourself that A52 SAMSUNG if you need;

  • You want a 90HZ AMOLED panel.
  • You want a low budget phone that looks good.
  • You want familiar software and timely update.
  • You want a phone with great battery life.

Create lots of memories with A52 Samsung Galaxy.

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