Written by on January 7, 2021

Am here for this conversation. My girls and I were talking and one of them asked out loud, ‘How often do you guys change your panties?’ Do you know we were quiet for like two minutes. Well, I would like to believe it’s not because we don’t change them (haha) but because it struck us that this is a sensitive and a real conversation that we are about to have.

Before we discuss this, when was the last time you changed your undies? And I am talking long term. Of course as you take a shower you change it but after how long do you say, ‘ I am done with this one!’ It’s not just the girls alone even the men. You know have heard some say a man should have three boxers, I beg to differ a man should take care of his undies as much as the girl does.

When it comes to how often, the answer (for me) is probably six month to a year. Don’t get me wrong am not an expert on this it’s just a pure opinion. Some would say when they  have holes and stains. A friend said when they stretch and begin to fade.

Now I did some serious research, and the experts say that you should change your undies at least every six to twelve months to avoid the building up of bacteria.

When to stop using your undies;

  • If they smell.
  • Haven’t changed them for two years.
  • When they have stains.
  • Don’t remember the last time you bought them.
  • They have stretched out.
  • They are too tight.
  • They used to be a certain color, now they look different.
  • Create  horrible panty lines.
  • The elastic  is shredded.
  • No longer wear them.

I hope you do change your undies as much as it’s required, if you don’t, how about you start today. Being clean is a way of staying healthy.

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