Written by on September 7, 2021

Everyone is talking about how sexy September is going to be. Are you wondering what all the fuss about #NRGSexySept is?  Well, worry no more! Let me give you all the details!!

 What do you consider to be sexy? Is it the way someone talks? How do they look? How they walk? Or how the way they dress? 

Personally I find; Good breath sexy, how good someone smells (Ladies I know you agree with me), how great they’re dressed( it doesn’t have to be expensive just make sure your clothes are well ironed and clean shoes), I just find good grooming, VERY SEXY! 

According to Sean Preezy (Presenter on Breakfast show- NRG Radio), he realized  he was sexy through people complimenting him on his ‘sexy’ smile. “I also believe good energy is sexy, I mean you don’t have to be cute, but the good energy that you have is definitely sexy.” He said. He also added, “Another thing I find sexy is Food, if it gives me mouthgasm and nosegasm, that is definitely sexy!”  I have to agree with Sean on that.

During an interview that was conducted here at Nrg Radio, Azeezah Hashim said that she knows she is sexy every day and more so she knew she was sexy the moment she didn’t need anyone to tell her that she is sexy because she knows she is. And that’s on ‘confidence!’

Ways to be sexy;

Intelligence- Your mind is a precious thing, and improving your mental capacity and sharpness is a quality many people find sexy. Intelligence generally comes with passion and coming off as someone that has sufficient knowledge in different subjects is always sexy.

Get a signature scent- Confidence is key. Studies have revealed that people who wear scents feel more confident and attractive than those who didn’t. If you haven’t already, search and find your favorite scent and be sure to wear it everyday. This will definitely make you feel more sexy.

Growing a beard- Ever wondered why girls find men with beards extra attractive. It might sound crazy but a study suggests there is a connection between a guy’s beard length and his attractiveness. A beard is also considered a sign of maturity and masculinity.

Smile- It’s no surprise that anyone would be drawn to you because of how you have a beautiful smile. A smiling face tells people that you’re an outgoing and intelligent person worth getting to know, and that is definitely sexy! So remember to always wear your frown upside down 🙂

These are some of the things that make you feel sexy. But remember this, if you believe you are sexy you will not need approval from anyone.

“You’re fearfully and wonderfully made.” Psalm 139:14.

As we celebrate #NRGSEXYSEPT what/who do you consider sexy?

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