Written by on January 6, 2021

There are many ways you can overspend without even knowing it. Have you ever had two thousands shillings with you and all of a sudden you have like five hundred bob, and honestly you didn’t buy anything that important? Yeah! it happens to the best of us.

Now imagine you were going out to shop and just carried the exact amount you’ll need, that will save you a whole lot. I want to discuss a few things to do to avoid overspending which will actually lead up to you even saving a lot.

Don’t buy unnecessary things.

By this I mean, you don’t really need that pair of shorts or socks you saw at that shop. Do you really need it? No? Yes? if you don’t need it, don’t buy it! Always make sure whatever you buy, you can account for it and value your money enough.

Budget for things

You want to go shopping for household stuff? Set  a plan, write a list down of the things you want to buy and know how much they cost, then set some money aside and do some planning for shopping. Which you actually need.

Know about your spending triggers.

Is it that you overspend while you’re out or like buying random things? Get to know it but probably you don’t need what you overspend on. That one thing you crave for which you probably buy now and then, you should try cutting it off once in a while.

Cut on treats.

I know sometimes you just wanna take yourself or even your family members out and have  a good time, but that doesn’t have to be all the time at least as you create amazing memories be cautious of the spending.

Peer pressure.

Yes! I want to believe this is one of the major reasons that one would really spend. You’ve seen a friend buy a good shoe, clothes then mostly don’t wanna feel left out, you end up buying.

Bad habits die hard. Cutting off might take time, in as much as you really want something hold on, and think if you need it.

In as much as you want to spend on yourself or your family, I would like to advice you to save up for later, you might have a pressing issue that really requires that money. Enjoy your saving.


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