Written by on December 14, 2020

Your first impression always says a lot about you.  In this case, let’s talk all things interviews! If you are hoping to get the job or internship, and you have no idea what to wear, well this is the article for you. First things first; always make sure you research on how the company dresses.

You want to avoid revealing clothes,  if you are going for a dress make sure it’s not showing too much of your cleavage and neither too short. The clothes you are wearing should be comfortable enough such that you can sit and it’s not too tight for you nor short. Always check for stains, holes or strings and press your clothes to remove the wrinkles.

The men’s attire.

  • A suit should work just perfectly for a man, avoid shouting colors like red,green. You’ll want to wear  a solid black, grey or navy blue suit.
  • A long sleeved shirt either white or one that matches the suit.
  • A tie, make sure the tie is as cool as the suit, avoid a bow since it’s considered to grab attention, someone will concentrate more on the bow tie rather than what you are saying.
  • Black or dark brown shoes, they should be well polished.
  • Plain simple socks, I  know some would  prefer ‘happy socks’ but remember we want your interviewer to take you seriously.
  • Keep your nails short and clean, probably you don’t know this but, some people judge you by how well groomed you’re.
  • Neatly done hair, if you like to have an afro make sure it is well combed, if you do shave it make sure it’s professionally shaved.

The female attire.

  • Skirt or trouser suit will do just fine or if you prefer a dress let it very professional accompanied by a nice blazer.
  • A long sleeved shirt, white or one which coordinates  with the suit.
  • Comfortable heels or flat shoes, avoid shoes which will make you have a hard time while walking.
  • Neat hairstyle.
  • Clean manicured nails, don’t exaggerate your nails to look like ‘claws’.
  • A simple handbag to complete your awesome look.


For the lovers of nice scent, you want to wear a nice but sweet cologne, don’t irritate your interviewer with a bad scent, maybe they wanted to look for anything to dislike you and you gave them one.

Now that you have these few tips from me, how about you put them in use anytime you have an interview. Don’t forget to smile and be confident about yourself. You got this!

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