Written by on January 28, 2021

Are you having a hard time with your grades? I would like to help you improve your grades by going through a few key points. There is this saying, “Hard work pays!” Yes, it does. When you put hard work into something the end result will always make you happy.

In school you’re taught about 75% by your tutors and the rest which is 25% you do by yourself. Now this is where your effort comes in. If you learn something new and don’t put it into practice, you will eventually forget it.

Most importantly, reading and going over notes now and then, helps you remember and grasp things quite well.

Ask where you don’t understand.

Make sure you ask your tutor to explain what you didn’t understand, whether in class or outside the class. This ensures that you are not left behind by the rest of students.


In a 2007 literature review, psychologists Karen Wilson and James H. Korn concluded that there’s no direct evidence of a consistent 10 to 15 minute attention span of students during a lecture. While having a lecture make sure you pay attention to what your tutor is says, this will help you remember.

Revise your notes.

The notes given to you while in class have a huge impact. Make it a habit to go over them at the end of the class session.

Study timetable.

It’s not lame or old fashioned to have a timetable, this will help you especially if you have many units, and you will need this to plan your reading schedule to avoid mixing everything.

With this l hope your grades improve!!

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