Written by on January 18, 2021

It’s that time of the month and your woman is having her period. Are you wondering how you can be there for her as her man/partner? Don’t you worry, I have a few tips. Everyone is different when they are having their periods. Some experience abdominal pains, headaches, mood swings, backaches, bloating, vomiting and some are just okay.

Some of the things you could do;

Support her emotionally.

This is the time she needs you to be there for her, talk to her as much as possible. Cuddle her up and a few kisses won’t hurt.

Help her with house chores.

During this time, you will see that your woman is not as active as she was before her periods. Get to help her with home chore, you could cook, clean up the house or go to the store.

Give her aspirins to ease the pain.

If she prefers medicines help her get some, that is if she’s in pain. She could want the ‘old’ way of treating the pain, get her a warm/ hot pad and place in on the aching part.

Prepare her food.

Cook her a nice meal to eat. Maybe the cramping is too much and she feels like she’s not strong enough to cook. Be that person who makes her, her favorite meal .

Avoid saying anything that can upset her.

Fragile is the word. Her feelings at this point get easily hurt. Talk to her carefully and be mindful, if you notice something you said made her change her moods apologize.

Buy her flowers/chocolate.

surprising her with a chocolate bar may help cheer her up, you can go out of your way and buy her flowers or even take her out on a date.

Don’t blame her behavior on her period.

She might be grumpy and doesn’t feel like talking. Don’t hold it against her, she probably have a lot of mixed emotions and time is all she needs.

Be a good partner and be patient with her.

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