Written by on June 7, 2021

Yesterday Elodie Zone went on her Instagram account and did a Q&A saying, “Let’s go. I’m done acting ‘proper . I’m tired but I should be.”

Nvirii and Elodie have been dating for a while now, this was confirmed by Nvirii on one of shows ‘Nrg Top40’ during a phone interview. On Elodie’s Q&A the question and answer was very heated and one of her followers asked her, “Is he the one who left you stranded after a party?” she went ahead and answered, “ Yup January 1st 2021. There are videos online of him slamming me against a table and leaving me and my baby cousins at a club past curfew. Cross check with my ‘life is good’ highlight. The first video.”

She continued to say that she has hidden bruises from her past two relationships. “I’ve felt stupid and have been undermined. I’ve kept quiet. I’ve been told to stop speaking up on social media because I’ll look like I’m ‘acting out’. I’ve been told that depression means you overact.”

Many of their fans and followers are really confused by this story and turn of events, this is after they were seen on a trip to Mombasa over the weekend very happy together, now Elodie claims she is not dating Nvirii.

This is one of the reactions from many of her followers.

What are your thoughts about these accusations from Elodie?

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