Written by on December 15, 2020

The holidays are upon us and Ibis styles is out to take care of you with their new menus specifically designed for you during the Christmas holidays. They launched their festive menu with an event held at their rooftop restaurant Kilele Nyama.

Ibis has stepped up their game with the hospitality industry coming back up. Not only are they adhering to all the covid19 measures and precautions, they are also ensuring that all their guest get the best festive treatment.

They have an open invite to you and your family with a treat on Christmas Eve. They are giving out a free bottle of champagne if you visit them on that day together with other packages.

For the starters they’re offering ‘Tempura Prawns’ and ‘Bell soup’ .


The Tempura prawns are served in a good filling portions with a sizeable amount of guacamole glazed with some sweet chili. The avocado doesn’t overpower you and is tolerable for anyone who doesn’t eat that much avocado.

The Bell soup is exactly what you need for a vegetarian; tasty and the ideal preparation for the main course.

The main course caters to everyone; vegetarian,  semi-vegetarian and those who indulge in red meat. You can choose from the catch of the day ‘Tilapia fillet’, ‘Risotto rice’ or the ‘Lamb shanks’.

(Fresh garlic infused tilapia topped with lobster thermidor sauce, parsley rice and seasoned vegetables.)

(Risotto rice emulsified with seasonal vegetables caped with delicate froth.)

(Carefully braised molo lamb shank in its own jus, served with seasonal vegetables, chateau potatoes.)

The meals are well cooked, seasoned and delicious. The portions are perfect and the presentation is just as beautiful.

For dessert they have a chocolate brownie topped up with vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce.

You then have the option to wash down the meal with tea or coffee or a glass of sparkling wine; la chateau.

The whole package goes for only 4,500 per person; Which other hotel is treating you this well during this festive season? Visit Ibis style for a staycation, vacation or for a dinner date and enjoy Christmas in style.

The remarkable chef and Santa of the day merrily invites you! Don’t miss out 🙂



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