Written by on June 22, 2021

Controversial Kenyan music producer Magix Enga,on 21st June 2021 Monday night shocked the internet for a few minutes with a cryptic message on his Instagram account.

He posted our very own radio presenter, King Kalala, and wrote a very interesting caption under it that read;

“Ako single ama ni commit suicide?”

Few minutes later after the post got 690 likes he deleted it. It still remains unclear what circumstances provoked the artist into jotting such a suicidal and threatening caption.

As per usual, Kenyans who are accustomed to Enga’s clout chasing antics appeared not to take the caption seriously.

Let us recap a bit, a few months ago he said he is done producing dirty songs and that he deleted “Mambichwa” from youtube after the song surpassed 2 million views.

Weeks later, he went on to his Instagram and said since he decided to follow the path of producing good music he is not getting any views on Youtube and he has reverted back to doing “dirty” songs.

On the 4th of June Magix Enga posted a cryptic message at exactly 10:35PM “I’m gonna die tonight..I’m going to miss everyone”.The post had no clear indication as to why he posted it but it should be noted that Enga’s suicidal note came after he publicly grieved his close friend.

I hope and pray that Magix Enga’s mental health is okay.

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