Let’s Go For Vacation!

Written by on November 25, 2021

December is here. How are you planning to go to your vacation destination?  Have you made your reservations? You can enjoy our stay with the aid of some of the hotel’s services such as restaurants, bars, coffee shops, travel desks, theatre tickets’ offices, hairdresser’s shops and beauty salons or sports centers like swimming pools or fitness centers. The motels are located mostly on the road sides.

Now that you have already chosen your destination, how would you like to travel? What would you want to use? Did you cover the means in your travel budget? What is the fastest way there? Personally, I would choose the most fun and shortest means of transport.Okay I am thinking of Mombasa and a flight there.In this case I would  book a two-way ticket so that I may not spend the money and be left stranded. An air ticket ensures us a comfy seat on the plane which can take us to any place in the world in a short time. At the airport, security of passengers is maintained, they go through the passport control and security check, have their luggage checked and then wait till the plane is ready for take-off..

You may also want to drive to your destination if it is a coverable distance, this is mostly called having a road trip. Driving to Mombasa is roughly 12 hours. This would be a perfect time to bond with whomever you are travelling with. You can either use the public or private means of transport. Land offers various modes of transportation. There are bicycles and motor road vehicles on one side and rail on the other. We could use Personal vehicles or motorcycles. One could hire vehicles for the holiday. There are also other modes of transportation such as buses which one will pay way less. One could also decide to use rail vehicles, which are designed for public use, which can be trains, trams, and the underground. 

Let’s I am going to Maldives on a budget I would probably use water as a means of transportation . Water is the cheapest way of transport. In recent years, rivers, seas, and oceans have been filled with new cargo and passenger vessels.Ferries, ocean liners and other steamboats take an extended period to carry you to the place of destination.  You should use them if they are on a long vacation. The advantage of travelling on water is that I can take almost as much luggage as I  like. In conclusion, not many people dare to board a ship because even though the trip is inexpensive, they can still become seasick. Use any means that suits you for this next vacation carefully. Remember the curfew? I also don’t want to go back to that. Are you up for a vacation?

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