Have you ever wondered why the name 420 became linked to getting stoned? There are a few old tales which describe how April 20th, day and time become so iconic. 

Today, Cannabis users around the world will be lighting it up to celebrate 420 as a reason to meet up with friends and also campaigning for Marijuana to be legalized globally.  

Major rallies usually occur across the country, particularly in Colorado, California and 15 other states where Marijuana is legalized.

It All Started with some High School Kids.

It all started with five highschool kids in San Rafael, California, back in 1971.  Sloman, Author of Reefer Madness: A History Of Marijuana, said it started as “420 Louis,” meaning  at 4:20pm they’d meet by the statue of Louis Pasteur, ” and get high.

The Califonian teenegers ritualistically smoked Marijuana every day at 4:20 pm, eventually the day was converted to 4/20 for calendar purposes that was published later on, hence, giving this theory legitimacy.

“We’ve been friends for over 50 years since highschools, we became Waldos for sitting on the wall during 420 sessions, we made jokes and tried to make each other happy,” Dave Reddix,The Waldos Founder Member said.

“We set the time 420 which was like a secret code to our parents, relatives and cops.” Said Steve Caper, founder member of Waldos.

It’s been over 50 years since the celebration of 4/20. This has helped to spread the term globally marked by weed-themed festivals, brands doing food offers with a weed-themed twist, and plenty of smoking.

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