Let’s make hands soft again; post Covid19.

Written by on October 5, 2020

Things no one is talking about is how to take care of your hands when we’re sanitizing every few minutes. Constantly washing your hands with soap and water and sanitizer strips your hands of dirt and germs but it also dries up and cracks your hands.

The soap you use is important

If you’re in the house, use soap and water to clean your hands and save the hand sanitizer for when you go out. Ensure that the soap doesn’t have fragrance and is mild; soap with fragrance has harsh chemicals that cause your hands to be dry. Also, use little soap to lather your hands; using a lot of soap doesn’t necessarily mean your hands will be cleaner.

Don’t rub just Pat

Instead of rubbing your hands with paper towels or a hand towel, only pat dry them or let them dry naturally. Avoid a hand dryer because dry air has a tendency to really dry  your hands.

Use Oils and hand masks

The same way you can do a face mask you can do the same with your hands. Apply coconut oil or aloe vera gel on your hands and sit with it for about ten minutes before washing it off. Always remember to oil your hands everytime after washing your hands as well as at night before bed.

Gloves, Gloves, Gloves!

Wear gloves every time you do daily chores like washing your clothes or the dishes. This ensures that your hands are not exposed to water, soap and chemicals for a long time thus protecting them from damage.

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