Living Under 100 Shillings Budget

Written by on October 21, 2021

Are you a young person living in Nairobi? Well, welcome to living on a budget. Whether you are a student, intern or recently started working, you have to learn how to live on a budget. Therefore, let’s examine how you can have financial and physical health while still on a budget

Make use of Mama Mboga

We all have a local grocery shop where we can buy fruits and vegetables. Well, depending on where you live, you can buy the items for as low as 5 shillings. Most vegetables are sold in batches, therefore you will be able to sort yourself while still enjoying the natural Vitamins.

Road Side-Food

This is always a trend amongst university students. Smokies, chips and eggs have proven to be affordable and accessible. This is usually considered as a snack between meals.

Local Cereals Shop

Did you know the discount offered on cereals is more effective to save you from hunger, just in case of an emergency. Well, you can buy any type of cereal including very little amounts at even less than 20 shillings.

Now that we have seen different options of buying foodstuff, let’s go  through what you would eat on a 100 shilling budget for a day. There’s a casual way to go about it which is to make a great shopping list. A well-planned and organized list will tell a lot about the success of your grocery trip. Shoppers who skip out on lists tend to make impulsive purchases. Items one can include in their shopping list should depend entirely on what they may want, however, regardless of the specifics,keeping your list tightly organized before getting to the local market will help ensure you make the best choices.You may have to breakdown your foodstuff budget into monthly and daily

A monthly one, should entail long term essential supplies such as maize flour, rice, tea leaves, cooking oil.The daily budget depends on what one may want to cook ensuring to have it as a balanced diet.

Here is a simple affordable Shopping list table

Milk ¼ litre @ 15 shillings
2 Mandazis @ 5
Cooked Cereals(Githeri) or@30 per cup
Fruits(Water Melon or Mango or Banana)@20
Groceries(Kales,Onion, Tomatoes)At 30

Good to go comrade!

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