Looking for a gift? Think Bailey’s Delight…

Written by on October 12, 2020

As the world is opening up, all sorts of celebrations are on the rise and that means a lot of gifting is also taking place.

The economy is also not as good yet due to the covid19 hit so nobody want to splurge just yet! We have the perfect product for you- Baileys!

Baileys Original Irish Cream is a unique marriage of fresh, dairy cream, Irish whiskey, finest spirits and natural flavours.  Grab Bailey’s delight now at a new low cost of only 999/= kenya shillings. Isn’t that a beautiful steal?

When you take a sip of Baileys, the pleasure comes in waves. The cream melts releasing the whiskey, which slips down, warming your taste buds, the chocolate delights your tongue, whilst the thick silky cream coats your mouth. It’s a truly memorable experience, and that’s what makes it the best thing to gift yourself or your friends!

Baileys is best enjoyed blended or shaken with ice, Look out for our next blog post on how to serve your baileys drink and how to make delicious cocktails with it.

Excessive Alcohol consumption is harmful to your health. Not for sale to persons under the age of 18


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