Written by on May 4, 2021

Over the years, Telkom has always had the best interest at heart when it comes to making calls or internet bundles. In this generation, our phones are everything, we use them to Google for directions, stream movies or zoom in on meetings.

Mambo 99 bundle is a consumer champion product as it enables people to always stay connected during tough times. Here are some of ways in which you could use your Mambo 99 bundles;

Online classes.   

This pandemic has changed everything, we can no longer go to classes for sessions. Mambo 99 will bring the class to you at the comfort of your home, with a smartphone you are able to stream an ongoing class session.

Family meetings.

The past years my family and I would meet for usual gatherings and ‘nyama choma’. With the ongoing Corona virus infections it’s almost impossible to meet everyone due to lockdown. Ever since Covid happened l introduced them to Whatsapp calls since everyone has this app installed and to Telkom bundles too, my Mama can’t stop video calling me.


Cooking always relaxes me and learning new delicacies makes me overjoyed. I use the Mambo 99 bundle to watch YouTube tutorials on how to make different kinds of food, I couldn’t enjoy this newly found recipe of making chicken Manchurian more than ever.

You don’t have to worry about your bundles while working on something, Telkom has got you covered.

Get yourself this new bundle of joy by dialing *544*0# for Mambo 99.

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