Men-Here are 6 grooming tips

Written by on February 21, 2020

Just as society sets certain standards for women to look a certain way, the same is passed on to the men.

There are a few things that stand out in men’s physical appearance that say a lot about them.

Your beard

How you keep your beard is the first thing people will notice when they look at you. Having a neat and clean beard communicates your need for proper grooming. Ensure that you also don’t have cuts and bumps from shaving that are highly noticeable on your face.

Your teeth


Whenever you speak or smile, attention is usually on your teeth. Clean teeth and fresh breath is a plus on any man. It shows that you take that extra time to cater to your hygiene.


Yes, your nails are highly noticeable. A man is more attractive when he keeps his nails short and clean. Long nails tend to attract  dirt and look very bad and unhygienic.

A watch

It’s said that every man should own at least one classic timepiece. A good watch is a show of class and also reflects your style depending on the watch you choose.


A man’s shoes speak for themselves. Good shoes compliment your outfits and communicate your fashion sense. It is said that a man that can take care of his shoes knows how to take care of a woman. A good shoe also tells that you’re not too stingy to spend on yourself, because we know men’s quality shoes don’t come cheap.


Your choice of cologne is very important for a man to have. How a man smells nice tends to draw people, especially women around him. Because men tend to be up and about a lot throughout the day, it’s definitely a plus when he still smells good in spite of it.

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