Written by on March 12, 2021

Music gives you that relaxed mode, depending on what you’re listening to, and recently Nvirii came out with some sensational tunes. In the past, he has really made some awesome songs and collabos with many artists and each song turns out to be a hit ( if you haven’t had the pleasure of listening to his songs be sure to do so, you won’t be disappointed) I was listening to the EP and l must say l am in love with some of the hit songs.  

Honestly, these two jams went straight to my heart and I couldn’t help but relate to them;

Niko sawa.

This has proven to be one of the most liked song on YouTube with over 100k views since its premiering. Listening to this song it sure reminds me of some wonderful memories.

He features Bien from the music band Sauti Soul. The song mainly talks about a relationship that is no longer there and their memories. ‘Niko sawa’ basically means ‘I am okay’ the song has an easy, relaxed beat (I was listening to it on repeat) and their voices, wow! Just amazing.

Birthday song.

Just when I thought he was done, Nvirii hit me with another banger -The birthday song which features Sauti Soul, Bensoul and Khaligraph is distinctive from the choreography(In the music video) to the beat of the song.

This had me amazed at, how can he be so good at singing and also have the most interesting dance moves. This tune is definitely a must play on my birthday, the vybe of it all makes it such a classical song.

Nvirii has done a great job creating some favorable jams and tunes which you will definitely sing to. You can listen to these songs and all his other songs on YouTube or on Spotify.


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