Orie Rogo Manduli’s Fashion Sense.

Written by on September 9, 2021

What is sexy to you? Over the month of Sexy September, NRG Radio has been celebrating what it means to be sexy. Today let’s talk about our idols creating a sense of self-confidence.

Upon the announcement of the passing away of Orie Rogo Manduli, I found myself recalling why I would tune in to watch the news as a kid. The most unique thing was her fashion sense. Not only was she a fierce politician but also she always knew what to wear.

She always wore African wear which brought myself and most Kenyans a feeling of pride in our culture. She was truly a force to be reckoned with. 

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What made Orie Rogo Manduli sexy?

  1. Sexy is going for what you want

As a woman in politics, you have taught us to be strong. She was a role model for young and aspiring politicians, especially women.  I remember her fiercely voicing her opinions in parliamentary meetings. Her tone, her posture and her ideas were all bold.

  1. Sexy is having personal principles

As a young woman, I have struggled coming up and establishing principles. Orie Rogo Manduli, is the kind of lady that would stand on her ground. She stood for what she knew was just and right. She taught me that in order to succeed you have to stand for something. I can confidently say that she has inspired me to take risks.

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3. Create Your Sense of Style

We all know that the first impression counts. As a leader, she not only won in politics but her fashion sense was spot on! I remember how the paparazzi would take multiple pictures of her as she was exiting parliament. To be honest, it was the various types of  kitenge wear that made it all perfect. I was also in awe of the  way she walked complimented her fashion sense, like an african queen

 4.Sexy is consistency 

How do you maintain what you have? The late Queen was goal oriented. There is no time she didn’t show up when needed. She kept making a difference in every area.She even attended local and national beauty pageants.

Unknown to many, she was once Miss Kenya at the age of 16. She also became the first female Safari rally driver in East Africa in 1974. What a powerful woman!

As we think of what makes us more sexy, let us not forget that it all starts from your mind. Once you get intouch with your sexy self the confidence is undeniable.

How did the late Orie Rogo Manduli inspire you?

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