Written by on September 9, 2021

“They called me the community crack ho. I was the person that was homeless on the street. I was the person that was never ever allowed to go into people’s houses. I was the person you saw last night or first thing in the morning. Waiting for a trick or waiting to get high. That was me. I was dirty. I was smelly. I was disgusted. That was me. They couldn’t see anything past that.”

Since 2005, Cain, once so damaged and traumatized; the woman who prostituted herself for drugs, has become a nationally recognized inspirational speaker and trauma care expert that has travelled to every estate, including Alaska and Hawaii, to train mental health professionals on how to better serve people like her.

Addiction to pornorgraphy, drugs is one of the topics that people shy off from talking about and it can affect anyone regardless of their social class. Just like Cains story, In Kenya their are celebrities who have confessed of drug and pornography addiction but eventually they have recovered from the addictions.

John Mwakazi

Former citizen presenter says that he was once a drug addict at a very young age; 14 years and it affected him both physically and emotionally. He has now fully recovered and has established his legacy as a presenter and a brand too, especially his deep voice.

Robert Burale

His sense of dressing dazzles everyone. Robert was a ponorgraphic addict and says that he was introduced by his peers at an early age. He has now fully recovered from the addiction, a motivational speaker and a life couch.


He was a drug addict and at some point he was about to die when well wishers saved him until he recovered. He now has a foundation to help the addicts until they are fully recovered.

The impact of substance abuses on Cain’s family especially on her Mum who remains the primary source why she engaged in substance abuse. 

Having unmet developmental needs, impaired attachment, economic hardship, legal problems, emotional distress, and sometimes violence being perpetrated against her and the siblings. She found herself engaging in substance abuse too.

‘If you treat the addiction, you will get the result, I promise you that,’ Says Cain as her motto to all addicts struggling to get better.

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