Written by on July 30, 2018

Deejay Shawn, part of the NRG tech team and I were privileged to spend two nights in one of the eight penthouse apartments at Hotel EnglishPoint Marina – Mombasa. This was in preparation for Mwalimu Rachel’s #NRGTransit live broadcast from Mombasa as she prepared for The Blaze Summit. This post, however, is purely about our experience at Hotel EnglishPoint throughout our stay.

The four of us arrived in Mombasa aboard Madaraka Express and immediately took a car to Hotel EnglishPoint. It was a silent ride for the most part (we were tired and hungry) but that changed as soon as we arrived at the hotel. We were welcomed by a warm reception in line with the warm weather of the Kenyan coastal town. The Guest Relations and Reception staff attended to us with such warmth and pleasantries it was impossible not to feel at home. While we waited for our details to be taken and our keycards activated, a member of the wait staff brought us fresh passion juice to cool off and whet our appetites. In the same breath, a bell boy arrived ready to usher us to our respective residences (we had the penthouse apartment and a three bedroom apartment to comfortably accommodate the five person team). Once we were settled in, we took a stroll around the property and took as many pictures as the night could allow. While Hotel EnglishPoint is gorgeous by night, it is astounding by day. So we retired for the night to be energize for the day to come.


Dawn broke and the first order of business was breakfast at the Medusa. The spread, which is served in buffet style from 6 AM to 10 AM, as evidenced in the video, was vast and delectable. So many options to choose from, yet so little time to sample everything given our schedule. Dining with a third floor balcony view of the Indian Ocean, however, is as delightful as can be. We took our time to savor breakfast and enjoy the view, before we ventured poolside for what we had initially planned as a live broadcast by the pool. The tech team went ahead to set up, with plenty of support and guidance from the hotel staff. Set up done, we were ready to test the equipment and came to the conclusion that the wind would cause too much of a stir and interrupt the broadcast. It was then decided to move the party to the penthouse and like clockwork, the Hotel EnglishPoint staff was on hand to help ferry our equipment from the poolside to the penthouse and to help set up wherever and however they could. With their help, the set up was done swiftly and the broadcast started soon thereafter.

After a long day, one usually wants to enjoy a good meal, have a soothing bath or shower and perhaps watch TV, read a book or whatever else can be done to help relax the mind. Hotel EnglishPoint went a step further by personally ensuring we were having a wonderful stay with them and getting the R&R we deserved at the end of a long day. With access to a jacuzzi and the pool, we were spoilt for choice. And with our access to WiFi, we could literally be online at either venue. And in the morning, we had breakfast and swam with the ocean and the city as our backdrop.

To say our stay at Hotel EnglishPoint was amazing is a gross understatement. We were treated and felt like royalty. Pampered and loved, cuddled and cared for. The reality that we had to leave was a painful pill to swallow but one we had to anyway. More reason for us to go back, right? This time, I must check the spa out and perhaps ride a speedboat. Until then, Hotel EnglishPoint, your stellar service is greatly appreciated and this is a promise that we will most certainly be back!

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