Written by on March 5, 2020

In this era of technology, we cannot help but be slaves of screen time. Excessive screen time is the highest cause of depression, fluctuating moods, bad posture and eye damage.

It’s very important that we manage and limit the amount of screen time we consume on our day to day lives.

When you’re eating, do not have screen time. It might be tempting to eat as you browse but denying yourself that pleasure will give your eyes rest as well enable you to enjoy your meal more.

Avoid taking work home. Do not use or check work emails while at home. This reduces screen time and reduces stress levels that come with it.

Watch TV in the living room only and not in bed. When you watch anything in bed, because you’re comfortable you will spend too much time on screen as opposed to in the living room where you will have to stop the show when it’s time for bed.

Calculate and measure your screen time on your phone. With most times it’s possible to monitor your screen time and lock social media use after some time. This enables you to be accountable to your screen time use.

Place your phone far away from you when you go to bed. This will enable you to not check your phone as the first thing when you wake up. It helps clear your mind from the clutter of social media in the morning and reduces your screen time use.

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