Written by on July 12, 2021

Our very own Shaq the Yungin was recently caught in a compromising situation in the social media streets.

Shaq the Yungin, ‘Nairobi’s youngest sponsor‘, has become the talk of the town when he was caught in 4K with his “ex” over the weekend. A video of Shaq and a lady identified as his ex known as (unofficially Moni) on TikTok was posted on the same platform with both of them in bed together. ‘Unofficially Moni’ posted it on her page with the song Hello Baby by Young M.A playing in the background.

Shaq the Yungin and CindyK (who is verified on TikTok for her dances) were in a relationship when all these transpired. As the cheating video circulated, Cindy took to her TikTok and made a reaction video to the video crying and heartbroken. The couple have since unfollowed each other on Instagram.

NRG reached out to Shaq on a statement on the scandal to which he said,

“I am sorry, I got caught slipping, I messed up and I take full responsibility. It was a case of   wrong place wrong time” 

Should Shaq issue a public apology to CindyK?

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