Simple Question, who is Bazu to You?

Written by on December 9, 2021

Over the last few months, we have been asking one simple question. Who is your Bazu? Before we go on, let’s try and break down who Bazu is. This is a person who inspires you, someone that some may call a hero. Personally I have a few people I look up to and consider my heroes.

News in Town is that Airtel is awarding 500 shillings to anyone who identifies who their Bazu is and why. Are you willing to take part? Well, for most of us we would consider different people as our heroes or inspirations. For this article, I wanted to go back to my campus years and identify a few reasons why I would automatically consider someone a Bazu.

  1. If someone Treated me to Road-Side food

This is mainly considered as fuel to get one home after a whole day of attending classes. Naturally sharing these portions with your peers made the whole experience memorable. I remember my catch was smokie pasua or smocha (a combination of smokie and chapati).Lord knows how much I value this one friend who knows these joints and would make sure we take a bite whenever necessary.

  1. The Credit Buyer.

Naturally, we expect that someone will just send you money on your mobile money, then you will just get yourself the airtime. Well, there is a different breed of friends, who would award one with airtime directly. These are the kind of friends even when you dialed a reverse call, they would automatically pick-up without a question and send you something after that call. I don’t want to sound like I am in an imaginary world, so let me snap you back into reality; they are rare to find, that’s why I would address them as Bazus’. This time the Airtel subscription would really do the trick!

  1. The Counsellor

We can all agree that when we were on campus, most of the time was spent trying to figure out what was going on. We at least had these few friends who would call us through our Airtel line which of course had free calls and also unlimited data.Those calls really came through. At the end of the day, you would feel less struggle. Well all thanks to the great offers, most of us were able to keep tabs with others during their hard times 

        4.The Role Models

Let us flash back to the times we used to cut out pictures off magazines and hang them on the walls. Yes, I am talking about the public figures we have.Presently, we have a chance of interacting with them through social media and other forms of media.The only reason why we would consider such people Bazu’s it’s because they inspire us.Now that Airtel has Bazu deals, it is easier for us to browse and get more inspired without being worried. Our liking towards them is special and unique. So whom did you pin on the walls?

     5.Matatu’s that have Free Wi-Fi

This might strike you as odd but, did you know that 2% of “Manyangas” have free Wi-Fi? I don’t want to Blow my own trumpet but I must admit; The ones in Rongai rock.I get to enjoy my drive to Nairobi with great music and surf for free. I bet it’s the amazing Airtel offers is it?

With most people switching to Airtel, it is safe to assume that the deals have become affordable and convenient. There are different data deals. I know I can gift my Bazu with these offers. What subscription are you opting for? Dial *544# to get one!

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