Every Kenyan can attest to falling prey into the habit of snacking, either in the morning or evening. A roadside food is any ready-to-eat, in a street or other public place, such as at a market etc. It is often sold from a portable trolley, food cart, or food truck and is meant for immediate consumption. Most of these foods are classified as both finger-licking  and fast foods. They are cheaper on average than restaurant meals.

Let us look at the sensational Kenyan meals

  1. Smokie, Sausage and  Eggs ‘Pasua’

We can all agree that we have tasted this delicacy. It is referred to as ‘Smokie Pasua’. This is usually served in different ways. Personally,  I love it’s combination with a chapati called ‘Smocha’. The sauce and Kachumbari kick-starts my palate. Other times, I prefer it in a burn.

2. Kebab

Deep fried kebabs that are found in many fast food joints especially in the roadsides or the city estates. They are made using either minced beef or goat meat. The option of extra filling differs but the majority of them use vegetables (like cabbage) and bread crumbs to bulk them up and then coated with egg-white.

3. Arrow Roots and Sweet Potatoes

Ronald Ngala street is well known because of these mouth-watering breakfast options in the morning. Usually a piece of boiled arrowroot or sweet potato costs at least 50 shillings. Usually 3 out of every 10 people in Nairobi can admit to not eating breakfast every morning. Therefore,taking breakfast in at work makes more sense, right? Most people buy this on their way to work.

4. Maize

Who doesn’t like roasted maize? Also commonly known as ‘Mahindi Choma’.We all like it with the chilly.At times, I go for the boiled option also referred to as ‘Mahindi Chemsha’. Both options have different flavors.

5. Mutura/African Sausage/ African Blood Sausage

This one is a no brainer.It is one of the most eaten street foods in Kenya. It is funny how there is an unsaid rule in Kenya that Mutura is often eaten from 6pm.There have been memes and humor formed around how snacking on this delicacy could potentially make one spend a lot of money too. This is the most eaten street food in Kenya. 

Personally, I enjoy ‘Smokie Pasua’ any day any time because of the various combination factors and because it is the only snack I come across on the roadside. There is something with eating smokies on transit. It really slaps differently.

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