If you have been cheated on, you probably might be experiencing a whirlwind of emotions. The devastation and the anger is beyond control. Mixed emotions such as confusion, doubt and anxiety can also be so overwhelming. 

Just remember that if they cheated that on them, it’s not your fault and don’t blame yourself for their mistakes. The red flags usually are noticeable before your partner even cheats, you can always sense that something is off. 

Here are some of the seven signs that men give before they cheat;

He picks unnecessary fights with you

If you notice that he is more irritable that he picks small fights with you that he never did before and he is making you feel you are wrong in all scenarios and the two of you are fighting more frequently. 

He is really sketchy with his phone

He probably has a new password, or two phones and he starts taking calls out of the room. People who don’t have anything to hide, aren’t trying to hide anything.

You are not getting intimate anymore

Sex is a reglection of the level of connection that you two have, so if you had a good sex life and all over sudden you notice that has changed thats a bad sign. 

He tries to make you the crazy one

At this point he will make you feel crazy, paranoid, guilty and he will totally flip the script that you are attacking him that he is the victim here and there is nothing that he has done that is wrong. None of his stories makes sense and you will not be able to get straight answers from him.  All this is intentional in order to make you feel inferior and then you start doubting yourself. Remember do not let him do that to you!

He doesn’t have some time for you

If a guy is in love with you, whenever he is not busy all he wants to do is spend  some time with you and share all his stories and experiences with you. When something is off, he is going to be mysterious, vague, he won’t give you any details because too much information might lead to incriminating evidence. He will tend to get mad of you if you ask too much details

Your intuition tells you something is off

Trust your intuition. You’re not paranoid, you’re not crazy, you are not going nuts, your intuition is there for a reason, it’s a small voice that has been given to you by your higher power and it exists for a reason. So trust it.

Note that, his subconscious mind at this point is trying to make your relationship feel uncomfortable hence making it easier for him to leave and because of his guilt he is making you a bad person.

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