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From world cup tournaments to European national championships, Africa cup of nations to the English premier league, Spanish La liga and the Italian Seria are  the highlight tournaments we enjoy. These football tournaments are celebrated for bringing families closer especially fathers and their children , these tournaments make bars full everyday with much excitement brewing during the weekend. However the love of money proved to be the games greatest competition.  This became evident when money spoiled our beloved game of football although others argue that it actually made the game better.

So what about the English team Arsenal, the Italian team Lazio and French outfit Olympique Lyonnais. What side of the argument would these three football giants fall on? It’s evident that since large amounts of money started getting pumped into the game of football in their respective leagues , these teams have been unable to compete with today’s rich teams. It’s not a secret that today, if you don’t have money you can’t attract the best players in the world and if you don’t have the best then it’s even harder to compete at an elite level.

 A good example of how money has made some football powerhouses around the world flop drastically is; Paris st germains acquisition of NEYMAR jr’s services from football club Barcelona back in  2017. The estimated buy out clause was  222 million euros.

After this star studded acquisition they went ahead to win 11 titles in a span of four years. These kinds of transfers obviously make one team bigger and better but it’s also evident that since then big French teams have fallen and become unable to compete with PSG. 

I can confidently say that MONEY is football’s biggest enemy today. It could be one of the reasons Arsenal fans are never in a good mood.

 The question is will the fallen giants continue falling or will they join the train?

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Jayty Muga

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