Written by on May 2, 2021

Well dear reader, finances maybe tricky now a days with all this pandemic shenanigan and owing a car might be cut of the check list. But what if I told you that there is an easy way to go about it. Simple fast and reliable that even a baby could do it.

Have you ever wanted to own your own car or are you looking to sell and/or swap your old charm for a Another? Then my dear you are at the right place! Presenting CARS 45! A fast, safe and reliable way to buy, sell and swap cars all at a pocket friendly amount or as we like to say it, A mass market drive with the key focus on anyone looking to buy, sell or swap a vehicle in Kenya.

CARS 45 is not only aimed at making the purchase of second-hand cars cheap and easy, but also to provide with unhindered access to independent relevant information required for decision making. They also provide a new standard like no other for their clients such as
• Transparent car inspections.
• Getting a price upfront for both buyers and sellers.
• Fast safe easy and immediate sales.
• Payments into your account with np hindrance.
But what is the guarantee for all this you may ask? How can I be assured of safety? Never fear dear reader, CARS 45 promises you dear reader a GUARANTEED assistance in key areas such as: NTSA ownership screening, validation of vin numbers, Log Book transfer, Insurance cover, Verification of payment transactions, etc.

Now isn’t that great! CARS 45 has really revolutionized the car trade in Kenya. Nonmatter the size of your wallet you can now become a car owner or even sell or swap your old one for a new one. CARS 45, FAST, EASY, SAFE AND AFFORDABLE.

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