The power music has on YOU.

Written by on April 14, 2020

It’s an interesting fact that music can make you happy or sad. It can make you dance or cry. Music has even been used for healing when one is sick in some cultures. What does this mean?

“When music hits you, you feel no pain” , “Music is magic” , “Music is food to the soul” ,”Music is an universal language” -These and other phrases have been said in the attempt to explain this phenomenal.

Music has different effects on your body and brain that causes certain reactions.

For instance; statistics from music psychologists have shown that classical makes people shop more in malls or supermarkets, slow music is able to relax you to sleep and thus is played for people ailing from insomnia, loud music causes adrenaline rush and excitement and communal singing causes people to bond. 

What are direct effects  music has over you?

Music aids in brain development– Just like working out builds body muscle, learning a new song or a new instrument builds brain muscle. Most musicians usually have a good memory and an agility to learning new things.

Music defines your personality– By constantly listening to a certain type of music genre, it will play a role on your personality traits by affecting your thoughts. For example people who listen to hard rock, rap and hip-hop usually have an aggressive nature as opposed to people to blues and soft rock.

Music can affect what you purchase– Companies have used certain jingles in advertisements and movies to entice consumers to buy their products as well as making them loyal customers by repeatedly playing the same jingle over and over again.

Music plays a huge in your spiritual growth– Music is said to directly communicate to your soul which is intertwined with your soul. Most of the time, how spiritual you are or feel stems to the type of music you feed your soul.

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