The Rapid Migration to Telkom Network

Written by on June 15, 2021

For the last four years, Telkom has been making headlines in town. I remember during my campus years coming across sim card vendors, and for a moment, I was hesitant about buying. At the time, I was doing academic writing and getting the card was the most convenient move I ever made.

Free calls

The first month of getting my sim card I got free calls within the Telkom to Telkom network. Can you imagine an hour of connecting with your loved ones? The amount of stories and memories you share? To add caviar to this, the free calls are still available on the bundles purchase option up to this date.

Affordable data

Over the last years, the data bundles offered have come in handy, especially in this Covid-19 Era. Imagine getting 5GB for only 50.00 shillings? The internet is fast and convenient. I know you can relate the urgency of submitting an assignment or report. The research that goes with it is what matters. Will the guys on top like you project?

Telkom is affordable

After interacting with my friends, I have noted the rapid migration from local networks to Telkom. The main reason is the fast 4G internet and the affordable bundles. Compared to other networks, spending 1000/=  can last you a whole month.

Telkom Network Usability

Here are some tips on how to use the amazing data offers

  1. Watching tutorial/ and doing online course and certification
  2. Doing online calls and conferences
  3. Research
  4. Establishing and maintaining online businesses such as Websites, Social Media and any other traffic generating funnels

Remember, once you go Telkom you never go back! Visit the Telkom shop near you and get on.

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