Written by on January 20, 2021

Valentine is coming, what are your plans for you and your favorite person? Keeping in mind Covid-19 has made it very impossible to be around crowded places. Well I have a few tips on how you could enjoy your valentine’s day.

Plan the perfect get away.

A trip could suit the two of you, you could also book a place to stay early in advance to avoid the last minute rush or extra expenses. Also you want to avoid crowded places for your own safety.

Gift them a nice jewelry.

With this you have a wide variety you can choose from. If it is your girl, you could buy her a nice neck-less piece or even a ring, maybe you were planning on proposing, there is your chance. For your man, you could buy him a nice watch or a nice hand piece with his name on it or even yours.

Go out for dinner.

It is about the two of you spending quality time together. Reserve a beautiful and romantic place for you to talk. This could help the two of you to plan your future or even get to know each other deeply.

Go for a walk.

You don’t really need to go out and spend money. If you feel like you are a little bit pressed with money, you could ask your partner to go out for a walk. In as much as the two of you will talk you will also exercise.

Go dancing / karaoke.

Try making some exciting memories. Go dancing, and for that person who is probably saying, “I have two left feet,” don’t worry as long as you get to have a good time you will laugh it off every time you remember dancing. Don’t forget to sing along too.

Appreciate them by telling them or a card.

Personally, I prefer being told I am appreciated. Write your loved one a card and tell them how grateful you are to have them in your life. ‘ I love you’ will smother their heart.

I hope the few I shared got to give you a hint. Enjoy your valentine’s day.

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