Written by on December 10, 2020

Going on a first date with someone you just met and you’re very excited to be with them and you don’t want to ruin your date because you said something that is going to make them regret meeting you? Well there are things we shouldn’t talk about on a first date. These are some of the topic you should avoid:



Family drama.

Your conflict with family members should never come up during your date. It might scare off your date into thinking this is a chaotic family even if it was a simple misunderstanding.The first impression of you counts a lot and you might get judged of how much you value people from that.

Your Ex

If you hate talking about your ex it could simply appear as though you are a hater especially if they broke it off with you,if you keep talking of how much they made you happy you appear not to have moved on. Let bygones be bygones, if you are getting to know this new person your ex shouldn’t be apart of that conversation.




Maybe you’re ready to settle down and you feel like telling your date about it would be the best and you don’t want to waste your time if that’s not what they want but it’s too early to start talking about how you’re ready to get married or have babies ,probably your date had no intentions to go that far.



Talking too much

A conversation between two people should always be interesting, and for that to happen you shouldn’t take charge of  the talk let your partner have a say too.When one is not giving the other a chance to talk ,they may find it controlling,rude or even offensive.

Sexual experience

As sensitive as it is,some people get uncomfortable whenever this comes up,don’t start bragging of how good you are or any bad experience you had previously,this might put off  your partner or even scaring them into not courting you if they had the plans to.



Talking about how much money you earn should be avoided because it sounds boastful.You don’t wanna make your  date feel as if they beneath you even if they really are,let financial situations be left out, if you find yourself in a situation where your partner asks for financial advice ,try avoid it in a simple but respective manner.


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