Unique Events to ‘Keep It Lite’ With Tusker Lite

Written by on June 30, 2021

Vibes at the Picnic

June has been a season for Geminis. The amount of birthday parties I have attended are so many, in fact, I celebrated my birthday this month too.

Being such a cold month, the only thing that made most parties amazing was beer. Since clubbing has been limited, most of the parties I have been to have been ‘picnic parties.’ The greatest joy has been filling the icebox with cans of Tusker Lite, After all, what is a picnic without beer?

Keeping It Lite During EURO 2020

When you think of any sport, most definitely a beer will be part of the image in your head. Growing up, I had seen beer being part of the sport watching culture especially when you have friends or family over.

This year, all eyes are on the EURO leagues. Which team are you supporting? How have you been watching the tournaments lately? We all know that most of the time heavy drinking is not preferred in such times. Of course you would want the excitement and the moment to be memorable. You most definitely want to witness the penalties that might get your team to the next round.

Personally, I #KeepItLite. The only reason why I remember Harry Kane’s legendary goal is because of Tusker Lite. The affordable six packs turned match made the toast more memorable

Netflix and Chill 

What movie/series have been binging? I can admit that I am the 1% who never got to watch Game of Thrones. The only reason why I have been holding it off is to be one of those people who do #TBT movie edition. Last week, while enjoying Tusker Lite, we decided to watch it. So far I can’t complain. It has been the best series to binge while enjoying my favorite beer.

What is coming up in your schedule? Is there an event or celebration? Whatever it might be, you already know which way to go with your booze! Try Tusker Lite, it will make your event lit!

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