Video chat apps have become sustainable for connection with family, friends, coworkers, teachers, doctors, and even strangers. So it’s very crucial to buy a Telkom sim card for you to enjoy 1GB plus 100Minutes every month for life by dialing *544*0#. The 1GB bundle is quite efficient and sustainable especially when video calling.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced people all over the world to stay home indefinitely. Personally, I believe that before the pandemic, video calls seemed more of a luxury than a necessary means for staying in touch. Madaraka Tariff has helped me in the following ways;

  • For instance, Zoom has become my favorite platform because it’s in line with my daily meetings. It has statistically been proven that by March, more than 200 million participated each day on zoom. By late April, that number had risen to more than 300 million participants.
  •  Telkom’s 1GB and 100Min offer has enabled me to catch up with friends and family during workout exercises. Many yoga studios, coaches, and gyms are nowadays live-streaming workouts through video platforms and encouraging participants to keep the webcam on.
  •  At the end of a long day, I like calling up some friends, getting myself a cold beer, and grabbing a chair for a happy hour hangout. The Telkom Madaraka Tariff allows me to WhatsApp call my friends with no need to worry about bundles.
  •  Have you tried holding a virtual dinner party? Well, I assure you that eating a meal while sitting across from a loved one, even on a screen, can be surprisingly satisfying. Putting on fancy clothes, or at least not the T-shirt you’ve worn all week, can take your dinner to new heights. Get yourself Ksh.100 and enjoy 1GB and 100min for you to have uninterrupted dinner by dialing *544*0#.
  •  Everybody who knows me can for sure attest to how I love music and dancing. Nowadays, I have been to more virtual dance parties than before. with DJs and dancers who are often ‘live’ allowing you to let your imagination turn your crib into a club. Using the Affordable Telkom offer for ksh.100, then get 1GB and 100MB; makes streaming more efficient.
  •  Baking is a skill that I have always wanted to learn and with the Telkom 1GB bundle, I can streamline baking sessions especially on YouTube. Baking is big these days, but why bake alone? Pick a recipe with loved ones, gather the ingredients and your webcam, and work through the steps in unison.

Fun Facts;

Madaraka Life Tariff is an offer for both New & Existing Customers;

  • New customers will top-up kes100 & get 1GB FREE monthly + 100 Onnet Mins
  •   Existing customers will opt-in upon payment of kes100 & get 1GB FREE monthly + 100 Onnet Mins +2 Bob/Min to other networks.
  • New Customers upon joining the Telkom Network, should top up with 100 kes will get the offer automatically. Existing customers will opt-in to get the offer via *544# then select option 0 to access the offer.

Telkom is the champion for customers with readily available, and affordable offers!

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