Written by on January 22, 2021

Let me say if you didn’t watch the inauguration, you surely missed out on a lot!!! On 20th of January was a big day for the citizens of the United States of America. Their 46th president Joe Biden was being sworn in, and alongside him was former president Barrack Obama and many other distinguished guests.

Despite the inauguration, we didn’t miss out on the fashion sense presented to us by some of the most wonderful women including Kamala Harris the 1st black female vice president of the USA.

Kamala Harris.
She made a statement in back-to-back outfits created by African American designers, Christopher John Rogers and Sergio Hudson. Kamala wore a purple dress with a matching jacket by designer Christopher John Rogers. Rogers is a young Black queer designer from Baton Rogue. On his Instagram account he said, ” Thank you, madam vice president. We are so honored and humble to have played a small part in this historic moment.”

Michelle Obama.
It has always been her way to promote emerging designers by wearing their clothes. ” It seemed that my clothes mattered more to people than anything I had to say.” She told the New York Times in 2018. She did communicate in her outfit on the 20th, as she arrived in a burgundy coat and jumpsuit cinched with a golden belt by Black designer, Sergio Hudson and a Black face mask.

Jill Biden.
On the inauguration her outfit was set to draw attention and for sure it did. No one would have actually thought that she was going to be dressed by Markarian, a small New York city brand whose typical aesthetic signature includes feather trims and full-body sequins. Matching her blue coat and the dress, Jill looked seamlessly beautiful and ready to accompany her husband for his big day.

Jennifer Lopez.

While performing she wore a white high-neck silk ruffled blouse, white sequined pants and a white ankle- length tweed coat all by Chanel. She must have been aiming for an all white theme. Well which symbolizes peace. The longtime singer paired the look with layered belts, multiple pearl bracelets and earrings, which were also by Chanel according to fashionista.

Lady Gaga. 

She was set to sing the national anthem to the crowd with her amazing voice, for sure she did match her mic with a few accessories she had. She chose a Schiaparelli Haute Couture outfit by Daniel Roseberry, which featured a red full-length ball gown skirt and a navy top. Her unique look was completed with an oversized gold dove brooch, a braided updo and a golden microphone.

Amanda Gorman.
The 22year old poet Amanda Gorman and her moving recital of poem The Hill We Climb didn’t miss out on the fashion world. She wore a statement Prada coat on optimistic yellow, which is unsurprisingly selling out quickly after it’s landmark outing on Wednesday. We can’t forget her bold satin headboard which was designed by an Italian designer.

I sure hope they got to inspire you on ways to step up your style game.

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