Why 80% of the Relationships Fail!

Written by on April 27, 2021

  • Trust Issues.

As an adult my friend Melissa has been having difficulties in trusting anyone in her romantic relationships, this has originated from early life experiences and interactions. As a child, she did not get enough care and acceptance; all these factors led to difficulty in trusting especially in her romantic relationships.

Lack of trust in relationship has impacted her self-esteem negatively; she now has a low self-esteem. People with low self-esteem may be less likely to trust others. Those with higher self-esteem may be more self-assured. Eventually, she broke up with her lover.

  • Growing through life at different speeds.

Simply put, I believe that it takes time to get to know someone. If you move super-fast or slow at the outset of the relationship, it’s important to understand that you could be making some pretty big life-altering decisions where the chemistry vanishes and eventually lovers give up on each other.

Growing in similar directions and working together; contributes much in being compatible with each other.

  • Money issues.

Talking about money is not particularly sexy! I once was in a relationship whereby we didn’t talk about money in an honest and respectful way. Initially, there was no trouble talking about any other subject, we could either argue about our finances or avoid talking about them until there’s a crisis or one of us appears to be lying.

I strongly advise that couples should lie every money coming on the table because financial troubles and differences are one of the most common conflicts and can ruin relationships

  • No generous men.

Do generous men surely exist? Through my experience, generous men stopped trending. We are talking about those men who hold open doors for the lady, pulling chairs to their loved ones, breakfast in bed to name a few.

Being generous as a man, tends to make women submit; submission is a result to generous men!

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