Written by on June 2, 2021

How do you feel when your body is free of germs, the sweating and stickiness? Clean and fresh right?

I want to share a few things that contribute to you sweating and producing that weird smell. Sweat itself is virtually odorless to humans. It is the rapid multiplication of bacteria in the presence of sweat that causes the unpleasant smell.

Causes of body odor;

·         Stress- This can occasionally cause you to sweat more, leading to a stronger body odor.

·         Genetics- Some people are just more prone to developing body odor than others.

·         Being overweight- Skin fold holds sweat and bacteria making a more hospitable home for body odor.

·         Your environment- If it is very hot, the body will react to the heat by excreting sweat.

·         Medications you take – Before you take any medicine, ask if they will affect your body in any way, so as to be prepared.

·         The things you eat- Some of the foods that can affect your body odor are broccoli, spices, garlic

Tips to help reduce body odor;

·         Shower daily- While taking a shower make sure you thoroughly clean the parts which are prone to sweating a lot.

·         Use the right body mists- For your underarms be sure to use the long lasting body mists to help in having a good smell for the better part of the day, after taking a shower.

·         Wear breathable fabrics- Cotton is more natural and better than polyesters, nylon and rayon in keeping body odor at bay. Natural fibers breathe allowing sweat to evaporate away.

·         Good oral hygiene- When you smile the first thing people see is your teeth, your breath matters a lot. Brush your teeth and tongue clean within a minimum of 2 minutes, be careful not to hurt your gums.

You should see a doctor if you have bleach-like body odor, fruity body odor, you have been diagnosed with cancer, the odor is accompanied by pain or bleeding, the odor doesn’t change or body odor doesn’t go away.

Taking care of your body should be your number one goal. Don’t make people feel uncomfortable when you are able to change your situation.

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